The Journal Entry 2 - (Bruce Campbell)

I sit here in some unknown inn cold, wet and burned. I think this journal thing might be a good idea to help clear my mind after the last few days.

The night of the harvest festival I was awakened from my sleep (I have no idea where the mayors daughter went… Susie… Amber… what ever her name was) to the sound of alarms ringing. I was quickly informed that the town was under attack and burning. I quickly grabbed my things and decided to join the rest of the town sheltering in the chapel. It wasn’t long before most of the able bodied men in the village were sent off to collect and help out those trapped in the fire. A few of the people who were identified in the sword fighting competition were singled out (including myself) and asked to head into the heart of the city and help out. It was going to be dangerous with the bandits out there and we were “qualified” to help. If I was going to end up defending myself against bandits I’d rather do it from as far away as possible and asked if anyone had a bow. A man by the name of “Rowan McOwen” loaned me his short bow and I decided it would work well.

We fought several short fights from some thugs along the way and I decided to head to the roof to get a better vantage point. While I was up there I saw some bandits breaking into the tavern across the way and rushed to help out. However I …. slipped on one of my jumps and fell to several stories to the ground. I ended up breaking my leg. Great so I was in the middle of a burning attacked town and I had a broken leg what else could go wrong. I knew I shouldn’t of thought that as we decided to keep going and help out those being attacked. We ended up coming to the tavern too late and those inside had been slaughtered. If only I hadn’t slipped…. we found one alive and wounded and told us where the bandits had gone. There were a few family’s in outlying farms that they were going to slaughter so we rallied our courage and set out to help. We came across one such farm where a woman and her daughter were trapped inside their burning house. My comrades and myself fought through the flames and brought them to safety. Unfortunately a large mass of bandits were outside waiting for us. One bandit stepped out and gave us some devils bargain. He would let either the mother or daughter live but we had to chose which one would die. We refused and the bandit decided to kill the girl. Heart broken and delirious the woman struck out only to be slaughtered herself. Things were looking dim when I remembered I still had that lucky dart. Well perhaps if I killed their so called leader it would buy us some time to get away. I quickly flung the dart at him only to have it skim him and shatter along the ground. Now he was pissed… I didn’t feel so lucky.

Just then the ground broke open and out of no where Friar Humphrey appeared. Maybe we were lucky (note to self I might need to do some extra praying to make up for this) he had come to rescue us. We dove into the open hole and down into an escape passage. With the angry bandits close behind us we ran down the passage way. We had gotten a bit of a head start when we came across a storage room. We threw together some make shift traps and continued along the passage.

We came out in the middle of town near the chapel. Friar Humphrey said a strange goodbye and vanished. Unable to determine the cause of this we headed to the roof and made our way to the chapel. It was good that we never made it as the chapel had been surrounded and a slaughter was beginning. Unable to do anything but watch we saw our best fighters and town guard thrown to the side as if they were nothing. The bandits were alerted to our presence by those following us and they turned their attention to us. From the south our hero arrived once again to save us Friar Humphrey. He had obtained a wagon and horse and was driving like a mad man through town. The bandits dove to the sides to avoid being trampled and we jumped from the rooftops onto the hay filled cart. As the light of the burning town faded the realization that everything I had known was gone. Friar Humphrey decided to head to the king and inform him of the situation. I’m still in shock from this whole thing and have decided to go along for now. Tonight we arrived at an inn half a day or so from the castle. Its been pouring down rain and we decided to stay inside (thank goodness). So again, here I am, barely a thing to my name but the cloths on my back and this book. I ….. will finish later someone is banging on the inn door and the lazy inn keeper isn’t waking up.

Public Notice

Solemn Travel

Making their way south, the newly aquanited citizens of the now destroyed Bucksferry head towards the capital city of Haxbourne, in hopes to inform someone of importance of this travesty. Days pass and the weather fairs moderate, until about a half days travel from Haxbourne, the sky darkens and single droplets of rain pepper the ground. In the distance, they spot the small village of Barfens. Deciding it better to wait the night in a comfy inn then trudge through the rain, they make their way into town.

Bucksferry Blaze

The fires of Bucksferry raged fierce that night. The screams of women and children resonated throughout; their husbands and fathers donning what could barely be considered arms and armor. Flames wreathing throughout the humble, peaceful village as marauders, bandits, merciless men destroyed the homes of generations. The wheat fields burned, swaying in the night breeze like a orange sea of flame. Those who ran were cut down as they fled, and the survivors, if any, left with little warning, having to leave all their worldly possessions behind.

Hopefully word of this massacre reaches the ears of those who can act.

The Journal Entry 1- (Bruce Campbell)

While I usually do well during tests of skill each year winning the book knowledge contest caught me by surprise. While I did spent quite some time in the library over the past couple of years it was mostly because I was trying to fetch the attention of Mary the drop dead gorgeous librarian. Oh well the book reading paid off and I got this rather nice book. I had no idea what to do with it so I’ve decided to make it a journal.

Ahhh the Harvest Festival, my favorite time of year. Games, women and beer are in large supply and available to everyone. I started this day off by working my way to the sword fighting competition. I’ve had a little luck last couple of years and ended up doing fairly well. I had made it to the semi finals when I got distracted by the mayors scantily clad daughter at the wrong moment and ended up getting my head bashed in. Luckily the first aid tent was well supplied in beer.

After getting a taste of beer for the day I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to fill up on a bit more and headed over to the tavern. While there several other games were going on and I had to join in. One of course was the dart throwing contest. While I usually do well on my own skill I decided to help weigh the scales in my favor and switched out my competitors darts for a slightly altered dart I had acquired. No one really noticed and that small change to the standard dart was enough to throw everyone off. I walked away the victor and claimed a “Lucky” dart as part of my reward. I feel like my unlucky dart was pretty lucky in itself but this new dart is pretty nice quality so I’ll be sure to keep it around.

A few other games, drinking, cards and of course the knowledge showed up over the course of the night. I enjoyed them all but the drinking game made me take a break for the night. A break from the crowds to write in this journal and take a short nap will get me ready for some late night adventures.

Until next time


Harvest Festival

The day of the Harvest Festival had come. A time of celebrating this years successful crops, it is a transitional day between Autumn and the coming weeks before winter. Soon the days will be shorter and colder, so on this last day of good weather, celebration is in order. A afternoon of drinking and games, one certainly had reason for joy. The fields will be full of people running here and there, and the tri-poled festival tent will be raised into the air, each pole topped with King Alasdair’s banner, proudly waving in the breeze.


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