The Journal Entry 1- (Bruce Campbell)

While I usually do well during tests of skill each year winning the book knowledge contest caught me by surprise. While I did spent quite some time in the library over the past couple of years it was mostly because I was trying to fetch the attention of Mary the drop dead gorgeous librarian. Oh well the book reading paid off and I got this rather nice book. I had no idea what to do with it so I’ve decided to make it a journal.

Ahhh the Harvest Festival, my favorite time of year. Games, women and beer are in large supply and available to everyone. I started this day off by working my way to the sword fighting competition. I’ve had a little luck last couple of years and ended up doing fairly well. I had made it to the semi finals when I got distracted by the mayors scantily clad daughter at the wrong moment and ended up getting my head bashed in. Luckily the first aid tent was well supplied in beer.

After getting a taste of beer for the day I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to fill up on a bit more and headed over to the tavern. While there several other games were going on and I had to join in. One of course was the dart throwing contest. While I usually do well on my own skill I decided to help weigh the scales in my favor and switched out my competitors darts for a slightly altered dart I had acquired. No one really noticed and that small change to the standard dart was enough to throw everyone off. I walked away the victor and claimed a “Lucky” dart as part of my reward. I feel like my unlucky dart was pretty lucky in itself but this new dart is pretty nice quality so I’ll be sure to keep it around.

A few other games, drinking, cards and of course the knowledge showed up over the course of the night. I enjoyed them all but the drinking game made me take a break for the night. A break from the crowds to write in this journal and take a short nap will get me ready for some late night adventures.

Until next time




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